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Soap Ear Issue 9 and Happiness Updates

Hi all. I’ve been a bit silent here as of late but it’s not because I’ve been sitting still.

Today marks the release of Soap Ear Issue 9: Tempos of Action

Soap Ear is a semi-quarterly online journal on sound and music that I’ve been co-editing with Lyle Daniel since 2018. We’ve worked with many wonderful writers and musicians over the past few years, and the journal has also produced a few of my own proudest pieces of writing. This issue is currently among my favorites, so I invite you to please head over to the site, read our introduction, and spend some time with each piece:

Additionally, I wanted to share that, following the will of the weight, Happiness Journal is now quarterly. This is so much better for so many reasons: it not only gives me a little more breathing room, but it also allows me more time to reflect on and write about the music I’d like to share with you; it decouples my publishing timelines from album release cycles; and it allows you—dear reader—to spend more time with each issue if you so choose. You will hear from me approximately every three months with notes on my recent listening and other exports from my world. If this publishing cycle proves fruitful and manageable, I will likely consider adapting to a zine format but that is for future appraisal. For now, you can expect the arrival of my first quarterly issue in January.

I hope you enjoy, and if you like what I do, please consider leaving me a tip. This and my many other creative pursuits are not funded—any little bit is not only financially helpful but extremely encouraging.

Leah B. Levinson

I’ve been hosting a live radio show called Happiness Online every Tuesday night from 7-8pm (PST). It’s made for a nice weekly practice of curation and active music listening. You can tune in at or listen to past shows on my mixcloud. I thought this episode of slow songs, this episode of tears, and this episode about anger were especially fun and demonstrative of my whole ~thing~. Please give a listen and let me know what you enjoy <3